Genetic Hereditary Dysfunctions


Hip Dysplasia    
  Eye Cataracts
    Heart Problems (SAS)
      Golden Retriever Standard
        Raw Foot Diets

Golden Retrievers, like all dogs, can suffer from different types of hereditary dysfunction. Most prevalent is hip (and elbow) dysplasia. Juvenile cataracts and heart murmurs are also culprits. Autoimmune (thyroid) disease is becoming more noticeable in the breed as well. Last, but certainly not least, Von Wildebrandt's Disease (also called hemophilia) seems to pop up in this breed once and a while.

In asking for clearances, I like to see at least hips, eyes and heart. Thyroid clearances are nice to see as well. I don't know of anyone obtaining clearances for Von Wildebrandt's, since it's not seen very often.

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