The "HEAVEN" Litter

This little boy's name is Kiowa, he lives with his new daddy Steve in Lakewood, CA
Bogey lives with his mom and dad (Jeff and Lynn) in Las Vegas, NV
This is Piper, she lives with her family (Karen & Mike and kids) in Mesa, AZ
Meet Katie, she lives with her mom and dad (Tanja and Perry) in Chandler, AZ
This is London, she lives with her family (Chris, Judi and girls) in California!
These three little ones are Joe (left), Ginger (middle) and Georgie (right).
Joe lives in Las Vegas, NV with his family (Joe, Kirsten & kids), Ginger lives here with us at Goldacre in Mesa, AZ, and Georgie lives with her family (David & Carolyn) in Scottsdale, AZ. Ginger and Georgie are inseparable when they get together, and are the best of buddies. Add Katie in with them and it's definitely entertainment not to be missed!

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